June 13, 2003


How many times must it be said before these guys get it? Instead, they keep plugging along with ideas that are DOA with the voters:

A proposed tax on business activity that would funnel revenue to schools will get a hearing in the state Senate next week.

The tax is the brainchild of Sen. Kurt Schrader, D-Canby, the co-chairman of the joint budget committee, and as such may get a closer look than some of the other revenue ideas floating around the Capitol.


Meanwhile, Rep. Max Williams, R-Tigard, and a few other moderate Republicans continue working behind the scenes on developing a 5 percent retail sales tax dedicated to schools. Williams said Tuesday that he has been assured by the House leadership that his plan will get a hearing, but no date has been set.
A business acitivty tax is nothing more than a sales tax under a different guise. In either proposal's case, we're talking about a regressive tax, which would be worst for those at the bottom of the rung, both as consumers and as businesses.

UPDATE: Jack Bogdanski hits a home run on this subject. Though I am not sure that a sales tax is a right-wing plot.... Actually Jack, I don't know of many Republicans who want a Sales Tax, except for legislators....