July 09, 2003


Sure, I try and take a nice sunny day off. But nooooo.... They keep draging me back into the Blogosphere. Taking a jab at my "Another One Bites The Dust" series, b!X writes:

another one rises from the dead instead of bites the dust?

Henry Weinhard's production hops back to Oregon
I actually noted this back when the agreement was signed, but good luck finding my post.... Blogger has no effective search apparatus and I am too tired right now to go try an advanced Google search. Point, however, is taken. I made a call for good news and this qualifies, even if I am not a huge beer drinker.

Meanwhile, speaking of b!X, go check out this piece on the ever continuing stupidity Portland is inflicting regarding murals.

This is just so dumb it's almost a waste of breath. Suburbia, knowingly lacking much of the cultural richness of the city, is busy trying to find ways to ease the rules to encourage things like murals. Hey guys, come out here by me! We need you, and we might even, gasp, appreciate your efforts!